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The Wondermill Grain Mill Review


In 2009, after having been a home-milling enthusiast for several years, I had the opportunity to receive and test demo a Wondermill (Electric) Grain Mill.  I found this mill to be a top of the line unit with many versatile features and of high quality design.

The Wondermill is NOT, yet is often mistakenly affiliated with the Whispermill. The Company of Brownwick LLC purchased the molds and production equipment of the Whisper mill that had gone out of business 8 years prior.  They then began production as The Wondermill.

Along with the rebirth of this model came many customer driven improvements and internal changes. The changes have made The Wondermill far superior to the old Whispermill. The Wondermill has an unsurpassed customer service record and gives vital heed to the customer input for improvements.

The Wondermill has the quietest decibel levels of all electric mills.  Its simple and practical design makes it extremely easy to use and store.  The variable texture from pastry flour fine to course ground is a staple of  The Wondermill and one can easily make the distinction of what to use for a recipe.

One of the most valued features for me is the fact that there are no additional attachments for bagging the grain as it is milled. Simply place an 8 x 5 x 18 2ml plastic (clear mylar) bag inside the flour canister prior to milling and let the motor send your fresh milled flour directly into the bag for easy removal, containment and storage.

Another great feature is that the Wondermill also offers a small grains attachment which allows you to pour all your small grains in the hopper in large amounts. The attachment takes care of feeding them into the grain mill slowly. This makes a fool proof process for properly milling small grains such as quinoa, amaranth, millet and more.

I highly recommend the Wondermill!  You can’t go wrong if you make it your choice for an electric mill. It is one of my favorite to use since the first day I tested it! The company is also such a fantastic company to deal with which makes choosing in the Wondermill a wise decision.

NutriMill Grain Mill Review

Nutrimill Grain Mill Review

I purchased our very first grain mill in 2004 and began a lifelong love affair with freshly milled grains! I did not really know what I was getting into and at my current state of domestic dysfunction, wasn’t sure I could even accomplish this task of home milling, but the features of the Nutrmill soon gave me reason to feel right at home milling grains daily, fresh in my kitchen.  As a novice, I chose the Nutrimill for a few very specific reasons.

The Nutrimill is extremely user friendly, compact in form and virtually idiot proof. The hopper extender (which allows for a large batch of grains to be put in without refilling) proved helpful.  I can remove the flour hopper with ease and the easy to read indicators of YES or NO help me to avoid messes.  The style of the machine keeps it from being an eye-soar when I leave it on the counter.